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Cheap Makeup Train Cases. No 7 Makeup

Cheap Makeup Train Cases

cheap makeup train cases

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I live basically in downtown Denver (I don't want to say my *exact* neighborhood as I don't want any weird stalkers! Hah) and so it is all street parking. I live in a converted Victorian so it is not like there is a driveway and garages seem to be for the newer buildings or nicer ones. My building is not crappy but I was definitely looking for CHEAP when I moved ;-)

Parking is a premium, obviously. I DO get a parking sticker so I can park in places most others cannot, but unless I go straight there from work say (which I pretty much never do, even if I do not spend the night at Dave's I usually go over there after work), there is no way.

My 2 favorite places to park is in the loading zone right smack in front of my front door, or in this lot in the alley behind my building which says 'private parking' but for the life of me I cannot figure out who it belongs to, as the other buildings DO have underground garages.

I figured I would be pushing my luck, especially since it seems I have been spending a LOT more nights at my place lately. Thing is, the loading zone is enough for 2 cars and there are ALWAYS people there at night.

So this morning I was loading up my car and I saw a cop sticking this parking ticket on my window. Lame! What is funny (but not really) is I *was* loading my car - I had walked out with a suitcase, my big makeup train case, laptop bag, weekend bag, and bag of dirty laundry...and the cop SAW me with it, and sat there and watched me load my car!

I was complaining about it to my friend at work who used to be a cop and he looked at me like I was the stupidest person and said the loading zone is for big trucks, not people who need to load stuff in their car. Um...I never knew that. The ticket is only $20 but I am still somewhat irked and I think I might go down and contest it just to be an ass because the office downtown is only a few blocks from my place.

Oh well though, at $20 bucks a pop if I am going to be spending this much time at my apartment I will still park there instead of parking several blocks away! I love my neighborhood and it is fun and trendy and all that but there are some pretty sketchy parts in it too and while I am not scared, I am also not stupid and will park close and illegally any day over legally and far and walk alone in the dark.

My kawaii case!!!

My kawaii case!!!

This case used to be a huge display case in my boutique. I brought it home when I closed my shop, in hopes I could fit some of my kawaii collection inside.
Its about full!!! hehe!
And this wont even hold...id say 20% of everything kawaii I own! 99% of my stationary items dont go in here....those are stored in boxes.
I love this case. It lights up to!!!!..though I didnt light it for these pics. But at night, it looks
like a gorgeous kawaii heaven!

Be sure to blow this up under the "all sizes" tab above the pic so you can get a good look inside!
I still have things from my vacay I need to add to it as well!

cheap makeup train cases

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